April News (i)

Hello at last it seems like Spring might me in the air with warm weather forecast for the rest of this week. If you have heard about the premium membership and aren’t quite sure what it means then this is an explanation: we have membership cards for those who are on the monthly direct debit […]

Spring News!

Hello hopefully the weather is changing for the better now and also the clocks change in a couple of weeks which will mean we have light evening walks. Hoorah! Our schedule has been expanded considerably and there are sessions for everyone – from Well-being with mindfulness to Tre’s longer, more challenging walks. Our trip to […]

New Wednesday Morning Walk!

Next week, we launch a Wednesday morning workout walk. This will be an hour of pulse-raising walking, strength exercises and balance and flexibiltiy. Moderate to strenuous intensity so if you are wanting a blast of a session then this one if for you…and it’s inclusive in your monthly direct debit membership so why not move […]

Example News

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