April News (i)


at last it seems like Spring might me in the air with warm weather forecast for the rest of this week.

If you have heard about the premium membership and aren’t quite sure what it means then this is an explanation:

we have membership cards for those who are on the monthly direct debit payment plan. This already means that most walks are included in your monthly payment with other walks discounted considerably and the option of walking with another NWUK instructor once a month for free. Added to that now are offers at local retail, hospitality and health and well-being partners on a month to month basis – so each month there are different exciting offers….found on our facebook page and also in our newsletter. Your health and fitness is very important to us here at NWS and we consider Nordic Walking UK to be a big, friendly outdoor gym and want you to get the very most from it. With our range of walks and activities, the monthly rate of £25 (less than £7 a week!) gives you the chance to get/stay fit in the best of surroundings and company.

There are going to be some refresher and welcome back sessions listed in the next few days and these will be in our next newsletter. Admin (i.e. Caroline!) has been a bit hectic recently so please bear with us whilst we bring the Summer schedule up to speed.

One Walk we’d like to draw your attention to is the Well-being walk on April 29th from The Cross Keys in Uppermill. This will go to Pots and Pans and the monument. It will be taken at a leisurely pace and is suitable for most. Plenty of stops. So if you feel you would like to give it a go the link is below….and if you are normally faster paced, why not come along and support others…..and ideal weekend walk for those who are doing the Longhorn marathon the week before. And lunch at the Cross Keys afterwards!!


Which brings us on perfectly to wish our gang who are off to Longhorn Half-Marathon on Sunday all the very best. With Teresa at the helm, Amanda Longden, Andrea, Dave, Julie, Keryn, Nic, Steph and Sue will fly the NWS flag in this great Half-marathon. Go team!!


Updated: April 17, 2018 — 7:23 am